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You've asked for more power, more stealth, and more flexibility. Invisible KeyLogger Stealth is our answer.

The heart of IKS is a high-performance virtual device driver (VxD) which runs silently at the lowest level of Windows 95/98/ME operating system. You will never find it's there except for the growing binary keystroke log file with your input of keystrokes. All keystrokes are recorded, including the famous alt-ctrl-del and keystrokes in a DOS box or whatever.

In addition to a flexible and friendly keystroke log viewer, IKS is extremely configurable. We provide detailed instructions on how to set it up manually for ultimate stealth.

For manual setup, you will only need to copy _ONE_ program file to your computer and add two lines in system.ini file. You can rename the log file, or even rename the program. Therefore, even an exhaustive hard drive search won't find that the program ever exists. 

Demonstration Version 1.25:

Automatic Installer Version (719K bytes) -- Get it up and running within 2 minutes

Manual Installation and Advanced Setup Version (130K bytes) -- Ultimate Control and Stealth

This demo will not record letters from 'o' to 'z'. After installation, you will find a shortcut on your desktop "Log Viewer for IKS". Type in some keystrokes in Notepad or anywhere else, then launch the shortcut.

Note: IKS has a built-in 50-keystroke memory buffer to improve performance, it only dumps keystrokes to disk when the memory buffer is full or the keyboard is idle for about 3 minutes with keystrokes in the buffer. So you may not see all the keystrokes you just typed in immediately. Be assured that no keystroke will be lost.

Single Computer License: $79.  Click HERE to order.

  • All version 1.x upgrades will be provided free of charge once available.

  • Free unlimited email support.

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